What time does season 2 of ‘Three meters above the sky’ premiere on Netflix

The serial adaptation of Federico Moccia’s novels returns to streaming.
On June 3, the second season of A three meters above the sky , the serial adaptation of Federico Moccia’s best sellers, arrives on Netflix . A story that had already enjoyed great popularity with its previous film versions, both in Italy and in Spain.

Following the model that Netflix makes for its launches, the series will be released at 9 in the morning . Usual time in which the platform usually launches its content in our country. So we can follow the new plots of the characters that were headed in the first chapters by Summer (Rebecca Coco Edogamhe) and Alessandro (Ludovico Tersigni) .

New plots and expected returns
The outcome of the first season closed the plots of the protagonists with separate lives. Ale moved to Spain to compete in a motorcycle racing team and Summer returns to her usual life, managing to achieve her goals. “Apparently, the exam season is over, but they have a more difficult test ahead of them to pass,” says the new official Netflix synopsis.

The characters that will return are: Summer ( Coco Rebecca Edogamhe ), Alessandro ( Ludovico Tersigni ), Sofía ( Amanda Campana ), Blue ( Alicia Ann Edogamhe ), Edo ( Giovanni Maini ), Dario ( Andrea Lattanzi ), Isabella ( Abigail Boucher ) or Maurizio ( Matthew David Rudd ), among others. What new surprises will fiction bring us?

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