Sweet Tooth on Netflix: The Brutal End Explained

In the fairytale post-apocalypse series ” Sweet Tooth “, Netflix viewers experience an epic journey

The hybrid stag boy Gus (Christian Convery) and his new friend the big man (” Game of Thrones ” star Nonso Anozie) roam America in search of Gus’ mother Birdie (Amy Seimetz). The season 1 finale then offers some huge twists and turns, which we explain to you below.

Who are Gus’s parents?

At the end of the Netflix series “Sweet Tooth”, the main character Gus experiences the unbelievable: He has no parents in the traditional sense. The hybrid, which was born a year before the virus broke out, was created in the laboratory!
His supposed mother Birdie is actually a scientist who entrusted the little baby to his father Richard (Will Forte) and Gus into his care. Before that, caretaker Richard and Birdie only spent one evening together.

For Gus this means that his beloved “father” lied to him. The question of why Gus was created by the scientists does not answer season 1 of the Netflix show.

Wendy is revealed as Bear’s sister

The ending of “Sweet Tooth” finally brings Gus together with other hybrids. One of them, the pig hybrid Wendy (Naledi Murray), is revealed to be the sister of Gus’ companion Bear (Stefania LaVie Owen).

At the beginning of “Sweet Tooth” season 2, however, Wendy, Gus and the other children will find themselves in the captivity of the evil General Abbot (Neil Sandilands) and his Last Men. Aimee (Dania Ramirez) and the Great Man she rescued come up with a plan to free the hybrids.

Sweet Tooth-1

Big twist in the final: Gus’ “mother” is still alive

The “Sweet Tooth” finale also reveals that Gus’ “mother” Bertie is still alive and in Alaska. Even if it is not said directly, Bertie is probably also researching an antidote to the virus there.

DC Vertigo’s comic book model in particular suggests this. But be careful: only read on here if you want to be surprised by the second season of “Sweet Tooth” on Netflix!

Where does the virus come from? (Spoilers to the comics!)

The comic book of the same name by Jeff Lemire provides a mystical explanation for the origin of the H5G9 virus, which the Netflix series does not have to adhere to! We do not want to withhold it from you.

In 1911 a doctor was looking for his sister’s missing fiancĂ©. The man finds a pile of corpses in Alaska. The Louis we are looking for also shows up. He had entered a cave that only the shamans of the indigenous people were allowed to enter.
By entering the cave, Louis released the deadly virus. In the comic model, it will take another 100 years before H5G9 breaks out and spreads at breakneck speed.

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