Stallone shows the first poster of his director’s cut of ‘Rocky IV’

It will be titled ‘Rocky vs. Drago ‘, and although there are no release dates yet, the idea is that the scoop is in Philadelphia.
It will never be finished. I have said it before, you can always go back and see a movie you made 50 years ago and say: ‘I have to re-edit this. All directors feel this,” said Sylvester Stallone himself a few weeks ago, when he announced that he had his new production of Rocky IV ready, one of the most successful installments of the Rocky Balboa saga and that he himself directed and, naturally, returned to star.

The newly reissued version, officially titled Rocky vs. Drago – The Ultimate Director’s Cut should have hit theaters (or at least Sly would have wanted it that way) at the end of last November, coinciding with the 35th anniversary of the premiere of the original film, although the pandemic disrupted all plans.

But Stallone went ahead, enthusiastic about the new edition he has prepared, adding scenes that were deleted at the time and also deleting some of the originals, such as all those in which the robot Sico, the mascot of Paulie’s character ( Burt Young ), appears. his trainer since the Oscar-winning 1976 film. And what is going to enhance is the network around Rocky and the one who was the revelation of the film, his opponent Ivan Drago (who played the Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren ), the lethal boxer of the Soviet Union in times of the Cold War.

And Stallone was no less excited to present, through his Instagram account, the first poster designed for the occasion.
In the new version there would be more footage dedicated to Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) and also with Ivan Drago , including more scenes in the final combat. As for the Sico robot, it simply considers that it was extra, that there was something “silly” left. “I have sent him to the dump,” the popular actor had pointed out in previous comments.

In the advance of the poster he does not yet reveal the possible release date , or if it will be in theaters or directly through a streaming platform, but he assures that “Rocky vs. Drago !!! It will arrive very soon. The scoop will be in Philly (Philadelphia), which is going to be fantastic . “

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