Peacemaker’ series with John Cena signs ‘Bridgertons’ actor

Freddie Stroma will replace Chris Conrad as Adrian Chase, aka Vigilante.

James Gunn made the most of his time away from Disney. Shortly after the House of the Mouse fired the filmmaker on account of some tweets published several years before, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy agreed to shoot for DC The Suicide Squad, pretending that David Ayer’s version had never existed and since he was it also occurred to him to develop a spin-off for HBO Max. This is the Peacemaker series, dedicated to delving into the origins of the John Cena character presented by this new Suicide Squad, and which Gunn was able to write cover to cover during the coronavirus lockdown.

That is, Peacemaker is currently in production, and the idea is that it can see the light within the streaming catalog throughout 2022. Not many details have been given about this format, but Deadline has just echoed one important casting decision regarding the character of Adrian Chase, aka Vigilante. Chase was originally going to be played by Chris Conrad, but the actor recently pulled out of the project citing creative differences and the vacant spot has been filled by Freddie Stroma. And who is Freddie Stroma? Well, you may have met him recently, as he played Prince Friedrich in The Bridgertons.

John Cena-1

Before being part of the great Netflix phenomenon (whose return for the second season is still unclear) Stroma was involved in Pitching the Note and featured Cormac McLaggen in the last three Harry Potter films. In Peacemaker, then, he will play Vigilante: a mercenary who possesses the ability to heal from his wounds quickly, Wolverine style. It is possible that he is mentioned in some way in The Suicide Squad, but within Peacemaker, it is already confirmed that he will give the protagonist several problems, because of how his desire for revenge towards those who murdered his family would hinder the mission they share.

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters in Spain on June 30, so that a week later it will land both in US theaters and on HBO Max. Hopefully, by the time Peacemaker is ready, we already have this platform in our country.

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