Henry Cavill, from rip and tear as Marvel’s new Wolverine in this fan art

If the British were to show us that he is the best at his job, this would be the result.

One is British, but he rose to fame playing a kid from Kansas. The other is Canadian, but his face par excellence on the screen is that of an Australian. And, although at the moment we do not know anything about whether the first will play the second, there are convinced that Henry Cavill would be a perfect Wolverine when Marvel resurrects the X-Men franchise.
One of them is the illustrator Barrett Digital, who has offered on Instagram his version of how we would see the star of The Witcher and The Man of Steel if, suddenly, he got claws of Adamantium.

This is the result.
For his illustration, the artist has chosen Hugh Jackman’s uniform (and hairstyle!) From the first X-Men trilogy. A style that can be very noughties for some, but that works quite well to show us, Cavill, as the most irate ‘muti’.

barrett digital


‘Fan art’ aside, is there a chance we’ll see Henry Cavill sporting mutant healing factors and epic sideburns? Well, not many, at least if we stick to how tight his schedule is: in addition to the third season of The Witcher and the remake of The Immortals, the actor has yet to shoot the second installment of Enola Holmes. Even so, dreaming is free …

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