‘Friends’: Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran recreate Ross and Monica’s dance routine

The actress has found herself a stellar dance partner and the result is not wasted.

Last week, Friends fans finally reunited with the leading sextet in Friends: The Reunion, the highly anticipated HBO Max special that brought together the protagonists of the sitcom. Without a doubt, the reunion was loaded with memorable moments, anecdotes from the shoot, and unexpected revelations (we have not yet recovered from Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer).

Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran

In the special, pure nostalgic joy, we were also able to review some of the most memorable scenes of the series, such as the first kiss between Ross and Rachel, the war between Chandler and Joey for a sofa (which ended with Matt LeBlanc in the hospital) or Monica’s jellyfish sting. We also remember the chapter The routine (season 6, episode 10), in which the Geller brothers recovered their old high school geek dance for the broadcast of a New Year’s Eve special. We refresh your memory

Well, not content with recalling the moment in the special, Courteney Cox has now recreated this dance of his character with singer Ed Sheeran, as we have seen on his Instagram account


Some dance routine with a friend,” Cox wrote in the post. Although Sheeran is not as synchronized with the actress as David Schwimmer, especially in the final movements (watch out for the outcome), undoubtedly the singer puts intention and desire.

More than 25 years after its premiere, Friends continues to be one of the most influential television fictions, attracting followers among the new generations from platforms such as HBO. Thus, it is not surprising that in the US the premiere of Friends: The Reunion has been an absolute success that has delighted the fans.


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