Cobra Kai: the LaRusso family and the changes it will face in season 4

This will happen before the All-Valley Karate tournament takes place and it could hurt Daniel a lot, who wants to get a victory over Kreese.

Season 4 of the Cobra Kai series that will be broadcast by Netflix, could bring some news and it is that according to the first indications that have been released, everything would point to the LaRusso family having a series of changes due to some inconveniences that would arise in the history. Precisely, events like these would harm Daniel in the framework of the All-Valley Karate tournament.

Before this, it is necessary to remember that during the previous season (season 3) the LaRusso house was the scene of a definitive fight between the students of Miyagi-Do and those of Cobra Kai , who destroyed Daniel’s home, which originated the conflict between him and John Kreese.

In that sense, Daniel will now dedicate himself to preparing for the next All-Valley Karate tournament , in which he hopes to achieve the long-awaited victory over Kreese and Cobra Kai . But this desire may have certain drawbacks due to the situation that your family is going through.

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As reported one of the drawbacks that occur in the new installment is that the house that served as a location for the home of the LaRusso family was sold by the original owners while the recordings of season 4 were being made. said family nucleus must move to a new home.

After the destruction of their home, Daniel and Amanda, played by actress Courtney Henggeler, would choose to sell the property. Although it is true, among the options are to repair it, but in order to reduce their losses, perhaps they could sell it and acquire a new one elsewhere.

It should be noted that in the “Karate Kid” films he gave an in-depth account of the story of Daniel LaRusso, who during his adolescence with Mr. Miyagi lived various experiences and learned techniques on self defense; while in the Cobra Kai series, the villain of the first installment also appears; It also opened the way to learn more about Daniel LaRusso.


Cobra Kai has become a worldwide Netflix phenomenon. His fans are already eager for the fourth season that will premiere in 2021 and not until 2022 as previously thought.

Another of the events that would be a reason for Daniel’s possible decision would be related to the expected return of Teddy Silver , the classic villain from Karate Kid 3 .

It should be noted that Silver used his financial resources as one of his weapons against Daniel, and critics do not rule out that he again uses his wealth and connections to harm Daniel LaRusso economically. If that happens, you would have no other option but to sell your home.

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