Between books, ghosts and aliens. These are the next films with Sigourney Weaver

The imminent premiere of ‘Dreams of a Writer in New York’ reminds us that Sigourney is still in top form.
Like Margaret, the curmudgeon and haughty head of a literary agency, and a close friend of the writer JD Salinger . So we will have the opportunity to see Sigourney Weaver in Dreams of a writer in New York that opens in theaters this Friday, June 4, although the protagonist is Margaret Qualley (one of the Manson girls, the one who tried to link to the character of Brad Pitt , in Once Upon a Time in … Tarantino’s Hollywood ),

The story will place us in the late 90s in the city of skyscrapers , with the character of the veteran editor also offering resistance to computers not replacing the usual typewriters (mission impossible), and in a role that has already been compared to that of the devil wears Prada with Meryl Streep (based on the much more tyrannical Anna Wintour, director of Vogue magazine in the United States).
Her presence in Dreams of a Writer in New York will only be an appetizer of what is to come, because at 71, Sigourney Weaver maintains a well-stocked filming schedule . And in large part thanks to his friend James Cameron . What will your next movies be?

‘Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5’

When we believed that the odyssey of Dr. Grace Augustine had ended (at least physically, not in spirit) in the first of the cinematic adventures in Pandora then, with the announcement of the sequels, we knew that it was nothing at all. One way or another, it will return in the four new installments that James Cameron is shooting simultaneously. So there we will have it, punctually for your appointment (hopefully) in December 2022, 2024, 2026 and 2028.

Ghostbusters: Beyond’

They have been waiting for almost a year to see the light, both the young new team of protagonists and the Marshmallow man (in the “baby” version) and the entire horde of spectral ectoplasmic colleagues. And with them will also arrive, in one of those secondary presences (or cameo), but of luxury, the cellist Dana Barret , who was also the first official client of the Ghostbusters.

The sequel-reboot of the saga has once again been directed by Ivan Reitman , and although the official Sony website in Spain does not yet confirm the release date , it could be in early December (before the pandemic, the premiere was scheduled for on July 10 of last year).

The Good House’

Together they already shared scenes and protagonism in Dave, president for a day (1993) also directed by Ivan Reitman, and The Ice Storm (1997) by Ang Lee. So Sigourney will be place with Kevin Kline in this adaptation of a seller best of Ann Leary produced by Amblin, Spielberg’s company.

The actress will play Hildy Good , a estranged mother of two and a recent grandmother, a real estate salesperson in a quiet New England town and a fond (sometimes too much) of fine wine. Ah! And a descendant of one of those accused of witchcraft in the Salem trial. But Hildy’s more or less ordinary life will change with the arrival of a new neighbor ( Morena Baccarin ) and also when the flame of passion for an old love from her past is rekindled . Directed by Emmy nominees Maya Forbes and Wallace Wolodarsky , the film is in post-production and has no release date yet.

‘Call Jane’

And as the leader of an underground movement in favor of abortion , in America in the 60s, we will see her in this drama about women’s rights in which Elizabeth Banks will play a wife with an unwanted pregnancy that will require her support. . His cause, and that of the film, will also be joined by actress Kate Mara .

It will also mark the feature film debut of Phyllis Nagy , Carol’s screenwriter , for which she was nominated for an Oscar. However, to be able to see it we will still have to wait for something more. It is still in the filming phase.

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